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    A variety of options to help you access your home safely and easily can be provided.

    Ramps and railings are basic, yet effective, modifications that make a huge difference. Access systems, such as automated door openers and phone entry systems, offer even more freedom.

    If you rely on a mobility scooter to get around, we can erect a scooter shelter so you are assured it is secure when not in use. We can also offer other building alterations and extensions to help make your life easier.

    We offer:

    • curbed upstands to prevent wheelchair deviation
    • hand rails
    • concrete paved access ramps at DDA compliant inclines
    • level landing platforms to enable ease of manoeuvring whislt changing direction
    • non-slip finish to ramps with a choice of finish including tarmacadam, block paving and brushed concrete
    • level threshold entrance doors
    • extra-wide openings for safe wheelchair access.

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